Icons of Disabilities Types

Source data:  http://web.jhu.edu/disabilities/faculty/types_of_disabilities/   |    http://signsanddisplays.wordpress.com/2011/03/06/disability-access-sign-symbols-for-download/


Greatest Breakthroughs Timeline Infographic

  I never liked history classes in school, but there is something about a good timeline infographic that makes me read it. This infographic was much fun to make as I learned a lot of new things in the process. I hope it will also be fun for you to read it. Feel free to […]


Virtual Product Visualisation

These are a few 3d visualization images for industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetics and beer production companies. All images are virtual 3d models for presenting a product. If you would like to see your product visualized in 3d, get in touch and we will make it happen.


Character design for animal resque service

This is a good example of an inspired design turning in to something valuable.  In an older post about “Sketching Exercise for Your Wild Imagination” I wrote about how useful it is to make sketches. The illustration I posted there brought me a client who needed a few more  illustrations in the same style.  See […]

fat character pedaling

Life inspired characters

The following characters are inspired from daily encounters through the city life. A guy riding his bike in the sun. Probably returning home after a hard days work. His open shirt flapping in the wind, showing off his belly. Someone looking really tough from the distance, when he got closer I noticed his ice-cream contrasted […]


How would Einstein look like in the future?

With new technology and gadgets coming out so often, our world is changing very fast. Have you wondered how would some famous people look like if they lived within the context of future technology? Lets imagine how would Einstein look like in the future.  This concept painting is focused mainly on mood and light.  Some […]


Free Desktop Wallpapers of Beautiful Romania

At last, some free time to convert to wallpapers some of my old photos from around the country. Most images are large 1600 pixels width. Enjoy and feel free to download and share.


Before & After Landscape Photo Editing

Editing some old photos from around the country. I miss a train travel somewhere far away… These are all photos taken from România. Free desktop wallpapers also available here: link     Worth to watch a series about this beautiful country: Travel Channel Wild Carpathia I HD Episodul 1 Travel Channel Wild Carpathia II Episodul […]

woman_portrait_sketch_crop 05.2014

Sketch Portrait Fun

Often I find myself sketching just for fun. Most entertaining subject for me is portraits.  It is fascinating how adding as little as a single line can change the whole expression of the subject. Sometimes, if the drawing is small, it can even change the characters main features.


How to organize layers in a vector image

This article is about how to group layers in a intuitive manner. The main goal of organizing art layers of a vector image is to add commercial value for a new buyer. The more user friendly the image is, the more you will be appreciated and get returning happy customers. Here we have here a […]

meditation-character (copy)

Sketching Exercise for Your Wild Imagination

About taking 5 minutes per day to do this imagination exercise: Focus on your thoughts for a few seconds. When the first image of a proffered subject comes to mind sketch it immediately, without thinking. The important thing here is to not care how good the sketch looks. Just get the main idea of what […]


Concept paintings

Here are some explorations I made in the wonderful imaginary world of concept art. Below is a list of  different experiments with custom brushes and effects. Some are inspired by the tools and effects used in the making.